Art of Visualization

February 15, 2020 10:30 - 1:00 pm

Art of Visualization

February 15, 2020 10:30 am – 1:00 pm


Visualization is the act of creating compelling and vivid pictures in your Mind.  It may be the most underutilized success tool you possess because it greatly accelerates the achievement of any success in three powerful ways:

  1.  It activates the creative powers of your subconscious mind.
  2. It focuses your brain by programming it’s reticular activating system to notice available resources that were always there, but were previously unnoticed.
  3. It attracts to you the people, resources, and opportunities you need to achieve your goals.

In this class, Chris will share with you powerful, practical, and progressive ways to get you on your path to creating the life you desire.  You will learn:

  • To take your meditation & creation skills to a higher level.
  • How to see & feel what you want.
  • How to take a goal and manifest it into reality
  • How to “see” your goals into manifestation!!!
  • Powerful techniques used by the most successful, wealthy, healthy, and happy people in the world

Don’t miss out on Chris’ passion and high energy for sharing proven strategies to gain clarity and purpose.

The life you truly desire IS possible!