Awaken to Your Karma Workshop

May 20, 2023

What is the true nature of Karmic energy? Are you suffering from the same lessons of life over and over again, not understanding what the lesson even is? Are you stuck in a pattern where you live the same day all year long? Do negative patterns rule your life? Are you having challenges with your relationships, career, health or any other area of separation or division?

Chris is a Master Energy Healer who has led many processes dedicated to bringing awareness, awakening, and enlightenment to your life. He is leading this process filled workshop with a focus on bringing awareness to your karmic imbalances and will conclude with a ceremony designed to free you from the past, so you can create a future you deserve and desire.

This workshop is a precursor to enlightenment and to awakening to living the life of your dreams. It will help free you ofyour past, so you can create a new vibration to attract what you want in a relationship, a career, or attract prosperity to support you. This workshop is designed to bring awareness to the energy of karma and how it is affecting you, keeping you from your highest potential and from awakening to your magnificence. If Chris has told you in a session that you have a karmic imbalance, then this workshop is meant for you!

Join Chris Saturday, May 20th for a day filled with meditations, sound baths, processes and a bowl burning ceremony. Invest in your future…. the future you deserve and desire.

Location: N.Eldridge Pkwy. / Tanner in NW Houston

Address will besent out after paid registration.

Questions: 713-303-7107

Cost $149.00