The Missing Link to Healing: Grounding & Earthing

In-Person at Body Mind & Soul

September 17, 2022 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

There are so many people living with chronic illnesses, such as, arthritis, heart disease and diabetes to name a few. High stress living and working environments are causing people to fall into suffering states and experiencing depression, anxiety and/or mental illness. Doctors often can’t find the cause and resort to prescribing medications that produce side effects like fatigue, poor mood, intestinal upset, weight gain, headaches, and much more.

We are living on an electrical planet and our body’s cells transmit frequencies that connect to the natural electrical charge of the earth. Unfortunately, we have lost our connection by living in industrial societies. These societies are not conducive for staying connected. We don’t walk barefoot, sleep on the ground, and many of us live or work above the ground in buildings or high-rises. The truth is, you’re disconnected. You’re ungrounded and you are not in touch with the Earth. Could this disconnection be an overlooked factor in the increase of illnesses noted earlier?

In this workshop we will explore what the technique of grounding is, why it’s important for everybody, and a step-by-step of how to do it. We will also create an action plan for implementing grounding into our daily lives. The class is relaxing, fun, practical, and informative.

Those that are looking to have a greater sense of peace, relief from physical ailments, improved sleep and energy levels, greater mental clarity should sign up for this workshop.

Please bring paper and a writing utensil, and water if needed.

This listing is for in-person participation at Body Mind & Soul’s physical location. Attendance will be limited to 20 participants.

Cost $55.00


The Missing Link to Healing: Grounding & Earthing IN PERSON with Chris Carpentier