Chris Carpentier

Chris Carpentier

Chris was born and raised in Lewiston, Maine. After attending Norwich University, he moved to Texas where he met his wife, Rebecca. In 1999, when Chris was 29 years old, he suffered a major heart attack, which required open heart surgery. This life threatening event began his journey of awakening around alternative healing, spiritual growth, intuition, mediumship and human behavior. His many teachers and influences along the way include: Dr. John DeMartini, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Jack Canfield, James Van Praag, Napoleon Hill, Byron Katie, Russell Forsyth, Sue Frederick, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Mary Manin Morrissey, Gregg Braden, Jerry and Esther Hicks, Dr. Emoto, Dr. Marcel Vogel, and Charles and Myrtle Filmore. Not only did he read and study their works, he attended many of their workshops, courses, and events.

Chris attributes his greatest shifts in awareness and enlightenment to meditating with Amma Sri Karunamayi, a Hindu leader who travels internationally promoting global peace and meditation; studying the teachings of the Oneness University, a sacred school for spiritual enlightenment in India; being a Oneness Blessing and a Golden Orb Deeksha Giver; working with crystals and becoming a Crystal Light Table Practitioner.

One of his main passions is to help soldiers recover from their physical and emotional traumas, especially those with PTSD. He is also very passionate about helping those with addictions, those needing to overcome and process grief, those who are looking to find their life’s purpose and/or career, and those who are having health challenges. He has been called, “The Healer of Healers” because he offers spiritual counseling or guidance, mentorship and tools to keep other light workers stay in harmony and balance.

Chris Carpentier is a Certified Forsyth Crystal Light Table© Practitioner, Certified Trainer and Mentor for the IEL Institute©, Certified Atlantean Healing™ Practitioner, Certified Angel Card Reader, Spiritual Counselor, Certified Grief and Career Intuitive Coach, Certified Medium, a business and life coach, Master Mind Group Facilitator, and is the owner of Transcend Wellness. He currently lives in Houston, Texas with his wife and son.

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Crystal Light Table Session

Chris uses the Forsyth Crystal Light Table©, which is a unique energy tool invented by Russell Forsyth that combines ancient and modern techniques in order to bring balance and harmony to the human body. Magnet therapy, Sound therapy, Chromo therapy, Crystal therapy and an Angelic gateway come together to form a Reiki crystal grid for the human body....

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A mediumship session is for those who want to connect with a deceased love one. The deceased will deliver messages to you through Chris. These messages...

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Atlantean Healing

During the Atlantean Healing™ Sessions, Chris will call in the Atlantean Angels, who will assist with the application and energy healing process...

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Crystal Release Session

Using the Vogel-Cut® Crystals and Dr. Marcel Vogel’s Crystal Release method, this session will utilize the combination of using your own intuition...

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Distance / Remote Healing

For this session you will text or email your picture to Chris. He will place it on the crystal light table. You will lie down or meditate in a quiet place...

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Awakening Crystal Session

This session helps to clear and balance the chakra system by removing energy blockages. Chris uses crystals that have special properties and energies...

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Angel Card Reading

An angel card reading can be used to answer all types of questions. Some examples are: What is my life’s purpose? How can I attract a healthy...

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Intuitive Grief Coaching Session

Chris uses sacred practice to connect with departed loved ones to initiate the healing process, release grief and deliver messages of love...

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Intuitive Career Coaching Session

Does your current work fulfill your life’s purpose? Do you arise in the morning eager to go to your job or business? Are you self-motivated...

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Spiritual Counseling

This session is perfect for you, if you have challenges in your life. You may have questions about God; you may be struggling with illness...

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