IEL Institute – Soul Retrieval Certification Workshop

July 14, 2018 10:00 am - 5:30 pm

The concept of soul retrieval can be traced back to ancient times, when illness and disharmony was regarded as an issue of the spirit. Ancient shamans operated under the belief that all physical disharmonies were the result of an illness of the soul, so they would journey into the underworld to retrieve any missing fragments of energy. Since those times, there has been much written with respect to the effects of trauma on the energy of the soul. Modern day clinical psychologists like Dr. William Baldwin, used soul retrieval methods in his clinical practice.

This workshop will help you understand and assess the possibility of soul loss and soul fragmentation that has resulted from trauma. Past life traumas, birth traumas, death traumas, and even minor events that one would not associate with trauma, impact the soul to create illness, false personality traits, addictions, phobias, and characteristics that might not be true to an individual’s core vibrations. Like assembling pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, healers, individuals, shamans, and intuitive energy workers, can facilitate the return of soul fragments. The key is knowing how to pinpoint the issue and target the return of the consciousness energy.

This information is ideal to add to an existing energy practice, or for those wanting to understand the causes, issues, integration, and treatment of soul fragmentation that has resulted from trauma.

In this class you will learn:

  • The meaning of soul fragmentation
  • Categories of fragmentation
  • How to assess soul loss
  • Common symptoms of a soul fragmentation
  • Exploration of case studies
  • Effective meditations
  • The consciousness retrieval process
  • Functional integration and aspects of recovery
  • The history of shamanic healing

At the end of the workshop, there will be internship sessions required to complete the certification. You can choose not to participate with the internship part of the process and attend the workshop to deepen your spiritual understanding or improve your intuitive skills.

Spectrum Center

2060 N. Loop W #205, Houston, Texas 77018

To register:       Questions:   713-303-7107

Self-Investment $175.00

Also, Attend July 15th “Past Lives” and Pay $299.00 for the Weekend


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